Brilliant Belugas

4 years - 5 years
 Our pre-kindergarten classroom is the final step in our learning program. This is where children really are able to come into their own and show what fun-loving, caring personalities they have! We are focused on preparing children for kindergarten and developing their social skills, such as self-regulation. We work on literacy (such as beginning to write, learning simple sight words, and more), mathematics, art, gross motor, and fine motor skills to prepare them for all they will do in kindergarten. We use fun, creative, hands-on activities that really engage the children and get them excited for learning!

Jumping Jellies

2 years - 3 years
 Our potty training class is an engaging, interactive environment. We begin getting more into curriculum and begin learning numbers, basic counting, pre-writing skills, scissor skills, and STEAM  (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) skills. Our children get very involved in their learning and have multi sensory crafts, as well as fun games and other ways to explore and grow. This classroom also works to foster the independence of each child and grow their self-confidence. 

Our Classrooms!

Rascally Raccoons

1 year - 2 years
 Our toddler classroom is a fun, active learning class. Toddlers learn by exploring the world around them, so our curriculum is geared toward them being able to be hands-on. We work on many important early skills, such as their fine motor skills and social and emotional development. It is so important for children to be able to start learning how to handle their emotions and ways to process them. We use sign language to help give them a voice, or we give words for them to use to express themselves! 

Baby Bears

6 months - 18 months
Our infant classroom is a warm, calm place for babies to grow and learn. In this classroom, we work on their gross motor skills (rolling over, pulling up, tummy time, and first steps!) as well as enriching sensory activities. We observe and reflect on each child's needs and how we can help them grow even more!

Savvy Seahorses

3 years - 4 years
 Our young preschool class is where children's knowledge can really come alive! We work hard to challenge them and give them the building blocks they need for preschool. In this class, we begin learning letters in earnest. There is letter recognition and the sounds they make, as well as beginning to trace and write various letters (such as their name!). We use eclectic materials to create activities and crafts that are engaging and interesting.