At The Little Sage School we combine a preschool education with full day and year round child care hours, caring for and providing a curriculum for a large range of ages throughout the day.  We have created an eclectic blend of traditional core teachings and modern education focused on creativity, self-empowerment, and teamwork.  In order to provide a high quality child care program, we don't fit the child into the program, we fit the program to the child, taking their individuality into account. Careful, close attention to your child is our focus.  All teachings, first, are centered around growing each child into a caring leader and then become more detailed to the following areas... Practical life activities, motor and sensory activities, language art, math and critical thinking, culture and science, creative art, music development and dance, dramatic play, nutrition, and character education.

Why We Do
‚ÄčWhat We Do

Every child is unique and see's the world around them with wonder and awe.  We believe that success and growth come from encouragement and praise, and we believe in encouraging the child's natural curiosity.  Tomorrow's leaders will determine the nature of life in our ever-changing world so it is important that they fully understand humility and confidence, creativity and tradition, compassion and judgement, dependability and self-reliance.  The ability to successfully adapt to tomorrow relies so much on using old knowledge and processes from the past along with new ideas and methods for today's world, with a bit of self-confidence, and a natural desire to build the future for each other.

Our Focus